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Ali Fry

19 September 2021 lip Comments Off

Board Member

At age 11 I suffered a massive brain haemorrhage that left me with very limited vision and also limited mobility. Even though I was trained for work at a residential college for the blind in Birmingham I was written off by my disability employment advisor, deemed unemployable.

This has a severe effect on my state of mind which left me with chronic depression and a feeling of utter worthlessness.

I’ve been a member of LIP almost from the start and been involved with many groups and focus groups over the years, including the Disability Reference Group, Equipment Group and Together We Can. And being involved with LIP has given me a new lease of life as no matter how much I deteriorate, both physically and visually, LIP is a place I know I will always belong.

But by far the biggest privilege of all for me since being elected to the LIP Board six years ago has been being a representative for all of you on the LIP Board and I will continue to enthusiastically represent all members as involvement, independence and equality of access are all very important to me as with my own multiple disabilities, and mental health issues I will continue to contribute experiences from many different angles.