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Shindo Dahri

19 September 2021 lip Comments Off

Board Member

I joined the organisation in June 2021 and I am looking forward working with LIP members, management committee

I have been a board member for LIP for 10 years. In this time I have given my full commitment and ensured that LIP Vision is paramount. I have been proactive to ensure positive results in terms of LIP service delivery.

My contributions to this organisation is my time, experience and knowledge ranging from task such as governance issues, raising/addressing diverse issues, to statuary bodies, agencies and the voluntary sector, where it was often identified there’s was a uneven gap in society in all capacities.

Over the years tasks that reflect my skills, experience and ability are:

  • assisting in new contacts such as the consortium where excessive hours were utilized
  • assisted in leading sub groups
  • assisted in LMU training and other tasks
  • working closely with other agencies such as NHS and ASC

LIP still faces a continuation of change therefore my interest and contribution is my support to see LIP vision remains imbedded by assisting in shaping health, social care and other services.