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19 September 2021 lip Comments Off

Zip was founded by LIP in 2012. Originally called the Dual Diagnosis Expert Reference Group, it set out to improve the support people get for mental health, drug and alcohol problems. At the moment our Zip group isn’t running however LIP are still striving to bring the voice of lived experience to the Leeds Dual Diagnosis Project, and is an equal partner on the Dual Diagnosis Strategy Group where major decisions are taken. ‘Dual Diagnosis’ is a way of describing the experience of a mental health challenge linked with drugs and alcohol. It affects a substantial number of people in our city, but Leeds is now leading the way with forward-thinking policy.

Zip members worked with Professor Liz Hughes at the University of York on the Dual Diagnosis Capability Framework, a set of good practice standards for all services in Leeds. After this was published in March 2015, the Dual Diagnosis Strategy Group initiated a training programme for professionals. A key session in the training was designed and delivered by Zip, with the principles of the Dual Diagnosis Capability Framework in mind. A case-study exercise included practical suggestions on support methods and encouraged professionals to think about the values they demonstrate to people. It was funded by Leeds North CCG and delivered to 90 frontline workers in early 2016.